When Elie Saab And The Rug Company Collaborate!


On  the  11th of April, 2017 The Rug Company celebrated their collaboration with Elie Saab. The collection was made of three rugs “The Brushstrokes” , “Lace Leaves” , and “In Bloom” .


In Bloom
In Bloom


The sense of elegance and luxury in Elie Saab’s designs were reflected in the pieces he created. The Rug Company  waved the pieces by hand using  the finest natural silk yarns in Nepal.


Lace Leaves
Lace Leaves

Along with his passion to architecture and interior design, Elie Saab got inspired by The Rug Company signature elements:  fusion of femininity, luxury, and modernity by combining textures and abstractions of Foliage, floral motifs, and painterly movements.

The Brushstrokes
The Brushstrokes

The collection is available exclusively at The Rug Company’s showrooms worldwide.

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