The Art of Dining by Architectural Digest Magazine Middle East_ Beirut Edition

District //S opened its doors one more time to host the second edition of AD Art of Dining The Beirut Edition another amazing project with MWPR marianawehbepr.

AD Art of Dining featured lebanese interior designers and architects:


I will take you with me on a journey around all the setups created.

First stop at Gregory Gatserelia: “Cabinet of Curiosities”

the table adorned with pieces from his personal book collection , design object and art pieces reflecting the works of artists  such as ‘ettore sottsass’, ‘parvine curie’ and ‘jeff koons’. a direction that reflects gregory’s vision which is both eclectic and arty. the table is subject to three of his creations: large kinetic light sculturesamed “sajra”.the 13 chairs are from the smo gallery exhibition and they are intervention by 13 artist.

“I’m off to join the circus” is a bespoke tableware collection designed exclusively for admiddleeast by Nimerology and featured on Gatserelia’s table.

Moving along to the next setup by Ramyboutrosdesign  “A Midsummer night’s dream” designed for one of the main sponsors of the event fedco.sal.

“Magic doesn’t exist only in fairy-tales… It is visible to those who chose to see it.”

“Inside RB’s most voluptuous fantasies, a dining space transforms into an enchanted forest… Look up at the night sky, gaze upon ST Louis’ glistening stars reflected in the stagnant water of the forest lake.
Feel the halo of the full moon on your face… Like monumental trees, the majestic wooden totems embrace you… Listen to their silent whispers. Find a warm nest inside the whimsical “moustique” chairs floating around the nenuphars leaves… Architecture is a visual language… just open your eyes, and Listen.”
Handmade daumofficiel crystal sculpted by Richard Orlinski, the Wild Blue Panther is a limited edition, ultra exclusive piece (only 8 exist worldwide).Sultry Lush Wine from chateauksara was poured in fedco.sal “Excess” collection crystal glasses. Both sophisticated and pure, refined and irregular, the “Excess” line designed by hervevanderstraeten for saintlouiscrystal. The plates were as well from Paris by Haviland, custom made especially to interpret ramy’a table concept. 

Suspended in the center of the ceiling installation, 2 iconic nickel-plated brass saintlouiscrystal chandeliers transcended the “enchanted forest” theme that inspired Ramy Boutros.


all the elements that GEORGES AND MICHELE chose to create TherE setup have a statement.  From the wooden table by which was covered  by white plaster to the #GioPonti #Chairs, and wrapping it by ceiling/lighting design by hilightsdesign all together created a very unique table.


now to a simpler yet elegant table settling.
Claude Missir went to a chic setup with his butterflyTable, to add some vibrant elements he played with the chairs height and used his Dragonflychairs.
he chose red, black and white as his only colors used in furniture, accessories, sculptures and 3d wall paneling. 


he defined his limits by lighting strokes and choose black as his only color.


what an experience visiting sahar’s setting, Trees hanging from the ceiling, massive wooden tables from set on fire by big numbers of candles.
Plates by sahmaranimarwan studio
The boys longed for escape bulletbirds


who said that street art cannot be luxurious?

carpets by iwanmaktabiofficial

The usage of vickvanlian1 strong vibrant colors in his ceiling animation and graffiti walls took us to a whole new level. The sculpted wooden legs by Yew’s furniture breaking the concrete top by color wall contracting is just amazing.
Vick’s table was also decorated by the wild blue panther. Handmade daumofficiel crystal sculpted by Richard Orlinski represented by fedco.sal. As well, his second table was decorated by the Bacchantes green vases from Lalique.
Grafitti by akaeps

Dorihitti designed his table for the main sponsor of the event cadillaclebanon.impex

He was inspired by Cadillac logo, by daring greatly he could create a luxurious yet minimalist design. the result was a sculpture that defines its own space, and its own function.


admiddleeast table designed by ziadraphaelnassar.
the wedding designer ziadraphaelnassar took us through the inspiration and details of his table setting for AD Art of Dining, The Beirut Edition.
Ad table was all Lalique by fedco.sal, he chose the plates by Haviland. He combined them with the beautiful oxymore glasses by saint louis, a mix of blue and clear to fit in with the table & lighting atmosphere.
the event was free of walk since cadillaclebanon.impex shuttled Everyone to the door.
a seated dinner was prepared by chef farid chehab who has created a beautiful menu for the private guests. this evening paired with the chateau ksara wines. 75 year anniversary cohiba cigars passed out during dinner by pheonicia trading Beirut.
All guests were served in special haviland plates brought especially from Paris for this occasion by fedco.sal.
The welcome drink was served in twist glasses by saint louis crystal.
Opera gallery Beirut curated all the artwork at the venue, from paintings to sculptures and installations from artists around the world such as Lita Cabellut, Seo Young Deok, Golnaz Fathi, Miki Gutierrez, Marc Sijan, Valay Shende…
heart to heart group renowned for their unique custom creations of chocolate and decoration surprised us with some beautiful chocolate designs.

The after party setup was designed by ziad raphael nassar, and all the invitees enjoyed the music of happy faces band.

Some of the names that attended the event  Noor Fares, Elie Saab Jr.,Eugenie Niarchos, rami kadi, rabih kayrouz, design in frame ,manish aurora, zuhair murad,   lana el sahely,  dana hourani, hanaa benabdessle …and much much more.

Main Sponsors:

cadillaclebanon.impex, Opera Gallery Beirut represented by salwa chalhoub, districts beirut, and fedco.sal.


heart to heart group, chateau ksara, the malt gallery, and kitchen central.

In partnership with mariana wehbe pr and ziad raphaelnassar.

Article By: Design in frame

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