“IS DESIGN A NEED?” Beirut Design Week 2017

Beirut Design Week 6th annual edition under MENA DRC returned with 27 central exhibitions at KED. Over 100 locations all around the capital, and Over 150 exhibitions, installations, workshops, talks, tours, and films to answer this year’s critical thematic question;“IS DESIGN A NEED?” 

Entitled NATIONMETRIX By Lebanese architects Roula Salamoun and Ieva Saudargaite


A quick tour around my favorite exhibitions and designs for this year.


” Tarabeza “by Nada Debs x Tarek Moukaddem 

“Thrust”By Wael Farran 

If sexuality is a need, then art is a need at @waelfarranstudio. Described as the “sexiest experience of Milan Design Week”, SENSE-ME featured Thurst, a table composed of two elements that fit into each other mimicking the sexual act. Demystifying the taboo and embracing the beauty of sexuality, the centerpiece was enhanced by a projection, over a 2D plan of each component, of people telling tales of their fantasy.

“homesick” installation by @bokjadesign : a reflection on how spawning fish travel long distances to return to their place of origin.

Eva Szumilas’s work is poetry of functionality with powerful aesthetics and fueled by her life experiences, background and passions influenced by both Middle Eastern and European cultures. her work has been shown in paris, london and dubai, amd published in few international magazines: AD France, AD Germany and Taschen. And now her new collection is exhibited in SMO gallery .

Black & Gold By Ahmad Bazazo is a collection made of 4 pieces: “Charles Bar, The Frame Coffee Table, The Frame Stool, The Armchair”

“Charles Bar” Honoring a tradition of contrast in design, “Black & Gold” draws on established stylistic norms, all the while experimenting with modern day design techniques. Embodying the union of old and new, minimalism and opulence, freedom and structure. “Black & Gold” is more than a color palette; rather it is a collection of preconceived notions, notions that evoke a sense of luxury, refinement, strength, dependability, and elegance. Strong lines, sumptuous curves and noble materials all come together to create unique objects of desire.

link by Saccal Design House 

link by Saccal Design House  is a cry for much needed actual physical and emotional connection to one another and to our environment. Alone each table/individual exists separately, but it is only when they come together that more possibilities arise. The users has the ability to feel, sense, touch and simultaneously re-imagine the functioning of each part.

Dashing Dart By Alef Studio 

A distinctive work of art that structurally imitates the preciseness of well targeted dart. The elegant mirror is a combination of carrara marble and gold brass.

Joy Mardini Design Gallery in association with Beirut Art Residency have launched the inaugural edition of render the design residency in Beirut. Two international designers, Francesco Pace and Anne-Claire Hostequin, were selected to participate in the residency and inquire into the Beirut design scene.  The initiative also aims to foster dialogue between resident designers and local designers that are represented by Joy Mardini Design Gallery. Based on their individual proposals and practice the residents were paired with Marc Baroud and Carla Baz. The designers were invited as mentors, providing further insights into local craftsmanship, key players in the design market and industry know-how.

Lebanese-inspired products created during Beirut’s first design residency.

“It’s All Relative” by Joy Mardini Design Gallery  exhibited  works of @carlabaz@nikokoronis @thomastrad @mbaroud@marcdibeh @karimchaya and @go.segawa.

New edition of the very colorful ‘Oyster’ Appliqués by @carlabaz

Black and gold edition of “Eva” #thomastrad

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