ABC VERDUN – “Not just a mall, yet a true neighbor”

Exciting news ABC Verdun is officially open!

Characterized by its strong architectural signature and Mediterranean vibes ABC Verdun is spread across 1.3 million sqft – with 538,195 sqft of GLA housing 230 stores across six levels, serviced by 1,700 parking spaces, the department store alone spanning over 113,021 sqft – ABC  Mall in the heart of Verdun is the biggest civil engineering project in Lebanon worth $300 million.

photo credit: Charbel Bouez

Mr. Robert Fadel, Chairman & CEO of ABC Group explained how The new mall was carefully designed  in a way that protects shoppers from the sun and rain while at the same time giving room for fresh air, and to be highly accessible from several directions to comply with traffic management challenges.

ABC mall was designed by Callison, a Seattle-based architecture consultancy firm with established experience in shopping malls worldwide. The collaboration with Man Entreprise , Khatib & Alami , A Consult and DG Jones, leaders in their fields, is also a major asset for the project. The green space designed by the renowned landscape architect Vladimir Djurovic, ABC Verdun invested in a beautiful 1800 square meter Lebanese Garden.

As for the fully leased Department Store, designed by Kinnersley Kent Design, it will offer ABC visitors in Verdun a shopping experience like no other.

Cant wait until the whole store opens so i can share with you my best interior spaces.

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