Au Gant Rouge Celebrating 150 Years

Au Gant Rouge celebrated its 150th anniversary on November 9th in the presence of Mr. Bertrand Raynaud, president of Raynaud Limoges porcelains.

Au Gant Rouge collaborated with distinguished Lebanese designer Rabih Kayrouz, who designed an exclusive tableware collection for Raynaud called “Beirut ya Beirut”. The concept’s collection comes to venerate Kayrouz’s relationship with Beirut.

While award winning interior architect Gregory Gatserelia came up with the vitrine concept. He commissioned 37 Lebanese artists  and designers to execute a face of who they see as a Lebanese Icon in the last 150 years . The interior designer envisioned the plates held with Au Gant Rouge’s emblem, the red glove, which he sketched himself.

The talented artists that have worked on the bespoke plates are Sacha Abou Khalil, Marie Achkar, Kareen Andraos asli, Vladimir Antaki, Salim Azzam, Anwar Azzi, Carla Baz, Roula Bazerji, Bokja, Ramy Boutros, Marine Bustros, Karim Chaya for spockdesign, Doreen El Zein, Gregory Gatserelia, Rabih Geha – RG/ARCHITECTS, Paul Guiragossian, Joy Herro, Anis Jizi, Rami Kadi Maison de Couture, Charles Khoury, Milia M, Marylynn Massoud, Hala Matta, Sahar Minkara, Georges Mohasseb, Rouba Mourtada, Selim Mouzannar, Marie Munier, Raymond Nawar, Hania Rayess, Rana Salam Studio, Karma Salman, Sarah’s Bag, Lina Shamma, Karina Sukar, Eva Szumilas, Katya Trabulsy, Wissam Yafawi.


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