The Art of Dining in Dubai

 The Art of Dining

AD Middle East hosted the second edition of the Art of Dining Dubai on Wednesday, October 25, 2017 at the One & Only Royal Mirage. The event hosted leading interior designers and architects who created spectacular table top designs for a one-of-a-kind evening; Dori Hitti , Janus Rostock- Atkins, Pallavi Dean for Absolut, Sneha Divias,Omar Nakkash, Maliha Tabari for Tonique, Archidentity for Bentley, The Quode, and Archidentity for Bentley.

Design In Frame had the pleasure to be a VIP guest at Mr. Dori hitti’s table. So let me take you on a journey:
Minimal With A Statement.

The table was executed by Dynamic Motion.

Unlike the rest of the tables, Dori Hitti architects used modules to create this unique ZIC ZAC shape covered with black and white linear strips.

The shape itself helped its guests to communicate easier, as he created an architectural bond between the tables as well as a social bond between the guests.

AD (Efraim Evidor)(ITP Photographer) (Dubai Media City);25-10-17

Not to forget the accessories used around to create this surrounding, the creamy carpet by Iwan Maktabi that combined the whole element gave it this monotonic look, in addition to the linear simple structure that was used as candle holder element.

AD (Efraim Evidor)(ITP Photographer) (Dubai Media City)

As for the cutlery, it was very exciting to have Nimerology plates that just blended in, especially with the gold table-ware from MOOD shop which stood out forming an artistic look.

the table DESCRIBED by the designer himself: “The concept of the table is the singular seating, each person on his own, which are later assembled to form an agglomeration, just like the human being in society. We chose it to mark the bonding created by people gathering around food… transforming a rigid singular state into a fluid society. We were inspired by the ability of humans to be solid as individuals and fluid as a group. It is made clear by the solid shapes of the tables which become fluid once arranged.
The colors are the 2 extreme opposites; black and white, indicating the contradiction between the 2 states.
The material used is wood, since it is rigid and light weight at the same time, and is an alive material just like people.
“In one sentence, when the rigid becomes fluid.”


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